Friday, March 20, 2015

Get off the couch!!

3 under 3 - I can't even imagine
My son turns 12 weeks tomorrow, which means he's no longer officially a newborn. Feeling mixed emotions of sadness, relief, survival - HARD phase. It also means time to get my butt in gear and start exercising again. I really need to rotate the cushions on my couch because I sat in the same spot for three months straight. Me, Teddy and My Breast Friend spent hours upon hours on the couch eating, feeding and sleeping. We had a great set up at the right end of the sofa with all the necessities right there - my lip balm, Sigg water bottle, blanket, phone, computer, remote and view of Olivia's play area. We got comfy, TOO comfy. It's amazing how quickly and easy it is to evolve into a sedentary lifestyle.

My sweet view
And there it is - my tiny little kingdom 
I'm what Lindsey Vonn calls "skinny fat." I've fortunately already lost all my baby weight thanks to breastfeeding and clean eating (still holding onto 2-3 pounds which I'll retain so long as I'm nursing). While my BMI is low, I shutter to think what my body fat percentage is - probably pushing 100% if that is possible... There are a few small muscles in my arms from lifting Teddy and Olivia but other than that my body is pure mush.

Before kids I was a gym rat and in great shape. I trained for triathlons, half marathons and did serious workouts 5-6 times a week.  I looked great, felt great, slept great and loved all the energy that comes with exercise. I want to feel that way again but don't expect to be in that sort of shape. I just want a little tone and no more squishiness.

Starting tomorrow there are NO MORE EXCUSES. Spring is here, Olivia likes riding in the BOB again, I live 3 houses away from the Little Sugar Creek Greenway (perfect place to walk), 1/2 mile from Freedom Park and my workout clothes now fit. MOVE!!!

Beautiful Freedom Park in Charlotte
Here's my plan:
  • Every day wear my pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps. GET OUT AND MOVE. I bought this one off Amazon and really like how you can put it in your pocket. 

  • Saturday morning during my "mommy break" go take a yoga class somewhere. I've practiced yoga for over 15 years and love it - 
  • Restart trainer Kelly Fillnow's exercise routines. Kelly was my Personal Trainer (she set up me and Ed on a blind date!) and planned out a calendar with different workouts. I can break them up and do a little here and there throughout the day.
  • In another month when I'm comfortable leaving Teddy at the child watch, commit to Tuesday and Thursday visits to the gym. The Myers Park Presbyterian Wellness Center in Charlotte has everything I need at a great price. Plus they have wonderful child watch - $5 for two hours and there are always just a couple kids in there when I visit.
  • I hate exercise videos, but have heard good stuff about T-Tapp. Only 15 minutes, can't beat that. This will be my last resort.
  • I've also pinned several easy workout plans exactly like this that I might try.     

This is my declaration that I'm officially getting off the couch. Tomorrow. I've gotta give myself one last day to soak it all up.


  1. Your blog motivates me to work out and take care of my diet. I can not believe that you are a mom, only if I can be half as fit as you are after three kids.

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