Saturday, January 31, 2015

Newborn Necessities

Our little baby boy was born the day after Christmas! He's a sweet, bright-eyed little guy that looks exactly like his sister - we're all completely smitten :)

This is my second child and this time around we've simplified everything drastically. We know that during the first month there really isn't a whole lot that you need - diapers, a few onesies, a blanket and boobs.  Here are some of my favorite can't live withouts for me and baby:
For Baby:
Serena and Lily Prague Market Organic Sling:

My sister and niece 

beautiful details!
Oh my word, I can't even tell you how wonderful this sling is!! I used an Ergo baby carrier with Olivia and really loved it, but feel this is a better option for a newborn. He feels snuggly, supported and almost instantly falls asleep - give him a passy and he's in heaven. I'm able to be mobile and get so much done - he'll snooze in there for a couple hours and it's comfortable for me to wear. The organic jersey cotton is unbelievably soft and washes easily. Plus it makes me fell like a chic New York City mom! I can thank my sister for sister for my #1 must have - Amazon sells them now and it is worth every penny!

Aden and Anais custom "cozie" triple layer blanket: 

I was thrilled that Teddy took to being swaddled - it helps him sleep better and he doesn't instantly fight his way out like his big sister. Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are wonderful. We love the buttery soft bamboo ones although I feel like the muslin swaddles hold together better. I had read about custom multi layer blankets that you can make with swaddles and wanted one for my little winter baby. I found two coordinating bamboo swaddles (had the hardest time deciding with all their gorgeous prints!) and selected the turquoise trim. Just a heads up about bamboo swaddles - they pick and pull very easily. I don't mind because the softness makes up for it, but if this would bother you then select the traditional muslin swaddle. I could easily make this myself, but due to lack of any free time I found a seamstress to sew it for me - Zabdi Efrain does beautiful work and can be reached via email at

Wendy Anne Moses Basket:

Teddy's moses basket with rolled towel for elevation
It is very important to me to have an organic mattress for Teddy's bassinet. Babies spend so much time sleeping and I do not want him breathing in the off-gassed fumes that are inevitable with conventional mattresses. Yes, they are significantly more expensive but it is a purchase I won't skimp on. I was excited to discover Wendy Anne - her beautiful moses baskets are hand woven of all natural maize material and the mattress is filled with 100% organic cotton - and made in the USA! They have many beautiful options (many extremely frilly and frufru) and I love this simple white eyelet. Moses baskets allow you to have a mobile bed, but I always keeps Teddy's on the wooden base which gently rocks. We keep a rolled up towel under the front end to keep it slightly elevated to prevent any reflux. Teddy will sleep on this the first two months and we'll transition him to his crib with a Naturepedic mattress. 

Side note: I always try to warn moms about the Fisher-Price "Rock 'n Play". We used it with Olivia and thought it was the bee's knees when she slept longer stretches at night - that is until she developed Plagiocephaly (flat head). The RNP was a major contributing factor and she had to wear a helmet for 3 months, ugh. Her Occupational Therapist said a flat, hard surface is best - trust me, stay away from the Rock 'n Play!!!!!

Coconut Oil:
I use coconut oil every single day. We cook with it, put it in smoothies, I use it in my hair and put it all over my baby's bottom - there are countless uses for this healthy living favorite! Every family should have some - its the perfect protector and moisturizer for baby's sensitive, tender skin (an mama's too). I keep a little ramekin if it at his changing table and spread a little on each time. After I use my Clean-Well sanitizer I rub some into my own hands, love it especially in the dry winter months. Costco sells a very high quality organic, unrefined coconut oil for a great price - $15.75 for 54oz. I'm going to start including one in baby shower gift baskets - an absolute must!

Water Wipes:
These are a new staple in our house. When Teddy gets a little bigger we'll switch to cloth wipes (read more here), but in the meantime Water Wipes get the job done gently and free of chemicals. They are 99.9% water and the remaining 0.1% is fruit extract which earns them the title: "world's purest cleaning wipes." I definitely pay a premium for these and buy in bulk from Amazon - for me they're worth it!
For Mom:

Hanna Andersson Love, Hanna Supersoft PJ Set:

After having a baby most moms spend ALOT of time on the couch and these lounging pjs are THE BEST - blissfully comfy and the botton front tops are ideal for easy breastfeeding. The combed cotton jersey is so so soft and the relaxed fit makes you never want to take them off. I'm so happy to see on their website that the Love, Haana pjs are a line, so I can get new fun Hanna Andersson prints each season :) They are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a declaration that promises to provide human friendly textiles that do not contain any harmful substances - love them even more. 

Medela Nipple Shield:
Packaging at Target - make sure you get the right size (measure before you shop…)

I so wish I had known about these with Olivia... Breastfeeding is so important and rewarding, but can be painful in the beginning - toe curling pain. It only takes one bad latch for your poor nipples to get seriously damaged. I highly recommend finding a top notch lactation consultant to meet with you during the first few days. Also take advantage of the nurses at the hospital who can give you advice early on and hopefully prevent a bad start. My lactation consultant introduced me to the nipple shield, which is a very thin piece of pliable silicone that enables your baby to latch on better and protect your nipples. It allowed mine to heal and I feel Teddy learned how to be a better nurser. You can buy them from Amazon or Target - just make sure to measure to get the proper size.

My Breast Friend: 

I used a Boppy when I nursed Olivia and MBF is SO much better! My lactation consultant recommended it and said they help support the baby and make nursing more comfortable - I am able to get Teddy in the proper "football hold" position in a breeze. It has a plush back rest that helps my posture and prevents back aches - my back was killing with the Boppy on the couch for hours! The cover of the deluxe version is very soft and comes in lots of different colors. I see these all over Craigslist - you could always replace the cover and it would be like new!

Please add any of your favorite newborn "must-haves" in the comments :)