Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A few new finds and favorites

My search for a natural deodorant is finally over! After trying out SEVERAL different brands for two years my confidence in how I smell is back - no more wondering if I stink! Testing out natural deodorants in the summer isn't fun for anyone. I asked my sweet husband Ed if I needed to bring back the Secret a few times, and when he would hesitate to answer I knew it wasn't good. Eight deodorants later I was told about Primal Pit Paste by two friends in the same day, was destiny. With a name like that I had to give it a try and I'm so glad I did - it works!!! Natural deodorants are frustrating because what may work for one person won't do a thing for another because of unique body chemistry. That being said I hope you'll try it out and I hope it works for you :)

They just came out with a stick, which is what I ordered and really like. My friend Nancy loves the paste that comes in a jar - she also tried several different brands and swears by Primal Pit Paste. I went with unscented but am tempted to try lavender (from essential oils, not artificial) next time I order. They also have thyme/lemongrass and patchouli (most popular in Boone). For kids they have lemonade and orange creamsicle. Awesome list of ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, non-aluminum baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, organic essential oils. GOOD STUFF!!!!!

At Costco I was thrilled to find this beauty of a deal on an 18 piece Pyrex Snapware glass food keeper set for only $24 with the instant rebate!! Amazon sells this exact same set for $38.80, regular retail price being $59.99. These come highly rated and are so much better than the blue top Pyrex I was about to order. Perfect opportunity to replace your plastic!!

About a month ago I bought several Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products to try out - here are my thoughts: 
  • I consider myself a lotion connoisseur and am convinced the Ava Anderson body lotion is the best on the market. Perfect texture, hydration and it lasts with no need to reapply - so glad I discovered it in time for fall and winter!
  • I like their body bar soap and need to figure out how to make it last longer. My bumps on my arms are still there but noticeably better.
  • Their diaper cream is amazing and Olivia's bottom hasn't been the slightest bit pink since we started using it - something I can't say for all the other pricey products I've tried. I love the texture and the list of ingredients are so pure and clean: organic olive oil, organic calendula extract, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, lavender and chamomile essential oils. This product can also be used for rosacea, eczema and stretch marks. I used it on my wedding ring dermatitis and its very soothing and definitely helped.
  • Since using their dish and hand soap I don't have to use as much hand lotion because they don't dry out my skin. 
  • I've been wearing my hair down more often now thanks to the Ava styling cream - really helps with frizz and smoothing out curls. No more pony tail every day! My friend Cassie is really happy with this product also. Plus it comes in a huge 8 oz bottle, so I'll probably use it up in about 5 years. Their shampoo and conditioner are the best natural options I've found.
  • The serum is just as nice as the crazy expensive stuff I used to buy, but free of nasty chemicals. For $29 this product is a no-brainer :)
  • The Ava Anderson deodorant is a favorite product for many, but it didn't work for me - everyone has unique body chemistry and mine wasn't a match. 
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